Property Investment The Journal

Property Investment The Journal

Property Investment

Most products other investments much influenced by other external factors, Such as prices at the stock exchange can ride descending rapidly even significant because an issue or gossip about politics, a goverment policy, the country security, the condition of the economy, or as bond prices down when the inflation and interest rate to rise… property also affected by outsiders but the change is not so fast such property values not can change but annual.

Why Should Property..??
1. Fluctuating property prices are not too big unlike stock
2. Property prices tend to rise
3. We can fully control the income from property
4. Can use the lever factor
5. Can as your business capital
6. All the rich people from everywhere must invest in property
7. You can maximize investment with a profit in cash flow and capital gains

Basic Skills That Must Be Owned 
By A Property Investor ;
* The ability to search property
* Ability to assess property
* Ability to negotiate with land owners
* Ability to find sources of financing
* Ability to manage property

To Soil :
Very small thing we can do to increase it’s value without having to sell it,,,“unless build a building first..!! and this causes the longer the benefit obtained, and capital additional to be excreted R.O.I is getting smaller

The Alternative :
The altenative is rent it out in the form of land directly also be coorporatedin shaped boots (Built Operation Tranfer) build property above land tenants for rent. then reserve the right to use it in certain period of time… after the rent out, the building will be the owner of the land

To buy property that still in the form of images :
There is no way other than to wait until it is finished, then the property is potentially for profit. Property settlement and spring tide takes 1 – 3 years

The most important thing that we should have as much as possible Control directly influence by the magnitude of rate of profit will be produced if associated with investment property”

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The Journal :

An  Project Property Can Serve as Guarantee Debt In The Bank By Means Of :
1.  In Refinancing…
     An Infrastruktur Projects such (Water channels, The road, Park & Maingate) alone are  already has value appraisal of your debt colleteral.. who made a figure on balance, subtrahend your debt besides made a fresh funds new injection that servise to ;
*Complited contruction projects
*Expansi to the next stage
2.  Used as debt collateral to other banks
     Where the bank would want to because the value of appresiasi
(The increase in prices of land & building) / “Capital Gain” in front of it or gain mass, of the value of investment extremely unfortunate at the time of the selling price a unit of the first to the selling price at the end of project.
 a script that business property developers is a long term business (Long Term) where your own who has full control to set start of phase acquisition land legality / straightly project, phase construction, marketing until handover the party concerned  

Take Contributed For The Government And Foreigners

There are a lot of private housing supply to meet demand. “Similarly, a majority of housing transactions involved. The Government certainly did not intend to introduce new measures to cool the real estate market at the moment and the measures taken contributed to prevent speculation.
The Government should change the reserve, list system that makes available, if necessary, additional sites as l ‘ flexible use and add the site has been published. This will reduce the list of candidates who have passed on the site to help developers with cash flow deposit reserve. It also will provide a larger supply and wider variety of sites in the reserve list in the next year.
This also allows d ‘ introduced to co-workers, which has funded construction and d companies ‘ adopt the latest technologies and improve the skills of workers. Because it also aims to assist in improving the creative industries today.

Tips For Buying Homes

Get The Information from all media,
if you want to joint with sales associate…
Your sales associate is to assist you in finding the right home with the best conditions and to help the whole process. Sales Associate you are someone that will explain in detail, home selling process and while sales associate is also a person who will lead you to familiarize yourself with the different activities, documents and procedures in all transactions..
Check back treatment costs and the price

The Concept Of Condominium

The Concepts Of Condominium

Housing and settlement is a basic human need that is very influential in the formation of personality. housing and settlements can not be seen merely seen as a means of living needs, but more than that which is the process of human life in order to create a life for themselves in society and reveals his true identity.

Governments in each country must provide evidence that the housing and residential development should provide direction and residential housing development should be improved and developed so as to more evenly and reach low-income communities and to always consider the spatial planning and the linkages and integration with the surrounding social environment.

In order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of land for housing and housing development and making effective use of land especially in areas heavily populated should be done so that land use settings really should be done so that land use regulation can actually be felt by the community.

And governments in each country consider it necessary to develop the concept of housing development that can live in a storied building in which units can be built separately owned both horizontally and vertically, especially in communities in their urban.

Has developed the habit of reality and the ownership of a condominium in marketing properties marketed before the house is complete and not infrequently even when she was planned and maturation of the land.

On principle.. land has a specific designation there is land allocated for housing, for offices and a large house or apartment. And the principle of land allotment has been described for a number of factors such as geographic factors. It sometimes makes people confused and wondering whether he had any other land use can be changed …? Can answer!!
We can propose the use of land has been allocated for residential homestead land for planning build large or with a high-rise buildings or apartments

About how it’s changing the way we can propose adjustments to the allocation of permits to the local municipal council and of course with some of the records policies, coordination with local officials ..
or in other words, adjustments in land use that allows the process to be approved by the Governor of local government

Adjustment process in the mayor’s permit allocation process as an example plan layout of buildings, and will be examined and judged by the Assessment Team Construction Architects, and also the assessment team that includes Tim Electricity, Electricity, Water and others to the decrease in the draft permit.

Problems that may occur in the processing time sooner or later filed a license depends on the existing problems in the field and samples after inspecting the land or the land was still disputed .. and most important in finding solutions as often as possible we monitor, ask and consult the problem to the agent, to account for more mature than the plan that we will run.

“Have A Nice Project… Luck with you as alwalys”

Property Suggestion

One of the biggest lessons of the recent housing collapse is that not everyone can afford to own a home. Too many people were suckered into mortgages with zero down-payments only to be hit later by usurious interest rates. But in some markets, Homeownership has becomsurprisingly affordable, Without having to resort to smoke and mirror mortgages.
Some skeptics say.. the market is merely pausing before it resumes falling and that much of the life in the market is coming from speculators. Even enthusiastic analysts acknowledge that rising unemployment, or a significant jump in interest rates could snuff out progress.
In the property business is not only required only an understanding of the meaning of property to become a professional, But also must have a character or a trait that can distinguish between other property agent.
There are things different with property agents and where people understand more about the ins and outs, the existing Teritory before you decide or go to buy and invest.. Businessman property should also in addition to providing services and also as a real estate agent who think as a consultant for questions of property, which is especially for being professional.